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Urban Avenues

Urban Avenues – Your Asset Management Company

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Jack London

As an award-winning Realtor ® and CEO of The Egypt Sherrod Real Estate Group, Egypt’s daily business activities include counseling modest first-time home buyers to quarterbacking the listing/marketing of homes owned by corporate leaders, celebrities, physicians and investors throughout Atlanta. With comprehensive market knowledge, exceptional personal service, and superior negotiation skills, she is the unparalleled choice for your next real estate transaction.

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Donna Albo

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Harinder Shah Singh

Achieving growth and hitting sales targets by successfully managing the sales team

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Prashant Somvanshi

Develop Annual Sales & Marketing Budget for the company. Develop Strategic business plan that expand companies’ long-term sales. Seeking new customer to achieve annual sales target.

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Harsh Bhutani

Individuals in a vice president role often oversee internal staff and operations to ensure the company meets all of its necessary targets.

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